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Design Stories

Each product is the result of long reflections, tests, prototypes and surprises at different stages. Chance encounters, prototypes, various experiments question initial desires, leading to new directions and giving life to products often far remote from the original design. At the same time, intuition is always there. Everything starts with this little voice that wants to understand the why and the how. And above all, the obsession for details, for perfection, for how to do better, again and again. It's the force that drives the process of creation from start to finish.

Through these little stories, I want to share with you how I designed each of my products, why I created them, how I proceeded, the various difficulties I encountered, the failures as well as the good surprises.

Les Packagings

Trois ans pour développer des packagings en France ; un délai étonnamment long comparé à ma capacité à créer et à sortir un article en porcelaine ou en métal en moins de…

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The charger plate has always been a great mystery to me. It is an object with little use that stays on the table for a limited time. This plate's primary...

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One sunny morning, as the light diffused gently on my kitchen counter, I surprised myself admiring the effect produced by the coffee machine, laid out harmoniously next to the capsules...



Nestled comfortably in my sofa, enveloped in a cozy blanket, on a rainy, grey winter day, I was sipping a delicious hot chocolate from a cup nested in the palm of my hands to warm them...