Stackable cups - Set of 2

This minimalist set consists of a tea or lungo cup and an espresso cup. It is made of fine Limoges porcelain and comes in four colours: 
- white polished bisque on the outside and black enamel on the inside;
white polished bisque on the outside and white enamel on the inside;
blue enamel, hand-stamped with white enamel that melts into the blue;
- white polished bisque, hand-stamped with shiny white enamel.

Playing with their architectural look, you can arrange multiple sets in a row, like a colonnade, to highlight the modernity of your interior.

Each set is made by hand in Limoges in a factory with traditional know-how. Find out more here

Set dimensions: H12.5cm x D8cm
Tea or lungo cup: H6.5cm x D8cm
Espresso cup: H6.5cm x D6cm

Care advice: Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Black & White
White on white
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