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Shima plate (28cm)Shima plate (28cm)
Shima plate (28cm) Sale price€145.00

2 colors available

Origami plate (26cm)Origami plate (26cm)
Origami plate (26cm) Sale price€145.00
Rock plate (22cm)Rock plate (22cm)
Rock plate (22cm) Sale price€125.00
Luna plates - Set of 2Luna plates - Set of 2
Luna plates - Set of 2 Sale price€230.00
Circles dinner plate (28cm)Circles dinner plate (28cm)
Circles dinner plate (28cm) Sale price€145.00

2 colors available

Circles salad plate (21cm)Circles salad plate (21cm)
Circles salad plate (21cm) Sale price€125.00

2 colors available

Black Luna plate (30cm)Black Luna plate (30cm)
Black Luna plate (30cm) Sale price€125.00
White Luna plate (30cm)White Luna plate (30cm)
White Luna plate (30cm) Sale price€105.00
Café gourmand plateCafé gourmand plate
Café gourmand plate Sale priceFrom €105.00
Blue Luna plate (30cm)Blue Luna plate (30cm)
Blue Luna plate (30cm) Sale price€125.00
Large saucer - Set of 2Large saucer - Set of 2
Large saucer - Set of 2 Sale price€190.00

2 colors available

City plateCity plate
City plate Sale price€145.00

3 colors available

Minimal dinner plate (28cm)Minimal dinner plate (28cm)
Minimal dinner plate (28cm) Sale price€145.00
Infinity plate (18cm)Infinity plate (18cm)
Infinity plate (18cm) Sale price€105.00